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Goa is lively and modern, with many western style entertainments and the most comprehensive beach resort in the country. Goa is definitely the hot-spot tourist destination in India and a perfect heaven for those who need and seek relaxation. There is a choice of luxurious hotels with plenty of night life, or simplicity and tranquility in one of the inexpensive, clean and comfortable rooms with their own charm, right on the beach. The Portuguese influenced food is mouthwatering. Choose massive fish steaks fresh from the sea or a wide and delicious choice of both continental and Indian dishes. Enjoy the old Portuguese fort in Chapora, surrounded by secluded and sandy beaches and dense green coconut palms. Visit all the beaches or just adopt one and make it your home. Wild boar and sambar in their natural habitat in the hills of the Western Ghats can be seen in Bondla, one of the Goan wildlife sanctuaries.

Beaches in Goa

Goa is one of India's special tourist places that can boast of fantastic weather, fabulous beaches, wonderful people, mouth-watering cuisine, forts. There are beaches far from human habitation with very basic or sometimes no facility for accommodation. Then there are some with ultra modern comforts like internet cafes, massage centers, gyms, swimming pools, night clubs, etc. With such an enormous choice, one might feel confused about which one to take.

Beaches in GoaMajor Attractions:
1. Anjuna Beach
2. Calangute Beach
3. Dona Paula Beach
4. Arambol Beach
5. Palolem Beach
6. Agonda Beach
7. Vagator Beach
8. Miramar Beach
9. Colva Beach

Goa Museums

Goa Museums Major Attractions:
1. Archaeological Museum
2. Museum of Goa Daman & Diu
3. Institute Menezes Braganza

Goa's Churches

One of Goa's important institutions, Goa's famous and magnificent churches are largely a legacy of Portuguese colonization. Church building was one of the main occupations of the early Portuguese and in fact one of Vasco da Gama's main missions for finding the sea route to India was to "seek Christians and spices".

Major Attractions:
1. Se Cathedral Chruch
2. The Church of St. Anne at Talaulim. Ilhas
3. Basilica of Bom Jesus
4. Reis Magos Church
5. St. Cajetan Church
6. Church of St. Francis of Assissi
7. Church of St Paul
8. Church of Mary Immaculate Conception

Temples in Goa

The temples of Goa are in essence like most Hindu temples in India, based around a deity which is worshipped. The architecture of Goan temples is a little different mostly because of historical reasons.

Temples in GoaMajor Attractions:
1. Shri Manguesh Temple
2. Shri Naguesh Temple
3. Shri Navdurga at Madkai Temple
4. Shri Ramnath Temple
5. Shri Devi Sharvani Temple
6. Topobhoomi
7. Shri Bhagavati
8. Rudreshwar Temple at Harvalem

Goa Adventure

Wonderful Goa has an exciting variety of activities to offer you, besides lazing on the beach under the sun! You can take your pick from indulging in a large number of thrilling aquatic sports to shopping at any one of Goa’s numerous and colorful bazaars that are stocked with an eclectic selection of goods and are always abuzz with activity!

Goa AdventureMajor Attractions:
1. Water Sports
2. Water Skiing
3. Windsurfing
4. Parasailing
5. Water Scooter
6. Topobhoomi
7. River Cruises

Goa Wildlife

The rugged western ghats make it an ideal haven for many species of birds and animals and also provide a corridor for migration. The western ghats called the Sahyadris in Goa, extend for a total of 600kms in Goa of their total length of 3702 kms.

Goa WildlifeMajor Attractions:
1. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
2. Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
3. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
4. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

South Goa

District covers the entire southern part of Goa state. Arabian sea is to the west of district, North Goa district to the North and Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka in the East and South. South Goa is situated between the latitudinal paralles of 15 degree 29' 32" N and 14 degree 53' 57" N and longitudimal parallels of 73degree 46' 21" E and 74 degree 20' 11" E. From noth to south and from east to west the district spans a distance of 86 kms and 40 kms respectively. The total geographical area of the district is 1966 sq kms.

South GoaMajor Attractions:
1. Panaji
2. Mapusa
3. Pilar
4. Margao
5. Vasco-Da-Gama
6. Mormugao Harbour
7. Chandor (Chandar)

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival Although introduced by the Portuguese who ruled this territory for over 50 years, from 1510 to 1961, the three-day festival primarily celebrated by Christians, has absorbed Hindu tradition-bound revelry and western dance forms, and stimulated by the artistry of the Goan genius turned into a pageantry of singular effervescence.

Shigmo Festival

Shigmo Festival Holi in Goa is celebrated as Shigmotsav, which is a festival of farewell to winter and welcome to spring celebrated with colour, songs and dances to the beat of drums. Float parades depicting various scenes of mythology are also held.

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